Counselling or psychotherapy can offer a safe and supportive place for you to talk in confidence about issues or difficulties that are troubling you.  It can provide you with the chance to explore various aspects of your life, which may be feelings, thoughts and/or behaviour.  A professional, trained listener may be able to offer help that is not always available from friends or family members.  Acceptance and respect for the client and a non-judgmental attitude are essentials for a counsellor.

People come to counselling for different reasons.  You may have a crisis or particular problem that seems overwhelming, or you may feel that you need some time and space to talk about feelings such as confusion, uncertainty, loneliness and isolation that are difficult to talk about anywhere else.  It could be that you have noticed that the same difficulties repeat themselves, and you want to reach an understanding of this and think about making some changes.   You may also be interested in doing some exploratory work leading to increased self-awareness.
A counsellor will not make decisions for you but try to help you to explore your feelings and thoughts and can help you look at the options open to you, to enable you to find a way forward through your difficulties. 

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